NovaCain is an inspirational and sublime hip-hop artist and blind activist from Fredericksburg, Virginia. His music consists of clean lyrics over hard-hitting 808 trap beats, that he dubs “clean trap music.” Nova writes and recites lyrics directly from memory, due to his lost of vision at the age of seventeen from the negligence of a medical practitioner. Shortly after, he lost his parents, which caused his life to take a turn. NovaCain began expressing his emotional distress and life challenges through music, and soon formed the “Braille Music Movement.” The Braille Music Movement is dedicated to motivating the blind and disabled communities to break through stereotypes.   NovaCain has been touring from city to city, rocking stages with his latest single ” I Should Have went To College,” which currently has over 1 million streams on Spotify. He has moved many crowds and shared the stage with Drake, Lil Wayne, Kirko Bangz, Mindless Behavior, and Trina, just to name a few.   In 2016, NovaCain landed a sponsorship deal with website, making him the first artist to be sponsored by this music discovery platform. As NovaCain continues to deliver compelling music, his activism extends to address economic and social equality in the blind community. You can follow Nova’s journey by texting 88202 and receive a free exclusive song.