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With over 9 years of music marketing knowledge, we are here to assist your music career with the most advance technology on the planet!

Our smart links for digital music and patent pending technology USB Cards (replacement of the compact disc) will give you exactly what your looking for… MORE MUSIC SALES!

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A simple, intuitive statistical monitoring tool and tracking tool for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, and much more that provides daily intelligence for music businesses through notifications and a centralized dashboard.  GET STARTED FOR FREE BY CLICKING HERE

A calendar of your music events that will get you in front of 1,000’s of local fans.  Link with venues, festivals, and other music industry events so music lovers can find you!  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


Technology is here to integrate, facilitate and improve processes, generating sustainability and transparency.

For this to become a reality, we work on three technological fronts: Laboratory, Platforms, and On Demand.

The future of music is here – TVM.Bio® USB Music Cards!!! Patent Pending Technology

Don’t sell outdated cd’s at you next live performance.  Who even has a cd player anymore? Stop making your fans buy merch that is just not cool anymore!

The replacement for music cd’s is the TVM.Bio® USB Music Card™:

  • Reward loyal music fans with addition content such as pictures, extra music tracks, or even a personal video thanking them
  • Get music sponsors by putting their logo on the exterior of the TVM.Bio USB Music Card™
  • Music Sponsors love that there is an introduction video that can be up to 5 minutes when the USB Music Card™ is first played
  • Track who is playing your music in LIVE TIME (Country, City, and State)
  • Easy to sell and distribute at concerts, night clubs, festivals, and trade shows because they are the size of a business card
  • Gain maximum exposure at shows because it goes around music fans necks with a stylish lanyard
  • Increase music sales by knowing where your music is selling or if you need to market to certain areas where you music would be best loved
  • No more guessing if live performances are generating music sales.  Know instantly if you are a hit with the crowds!
  • Plays on all music devices instantly (cars with USB port, computers, MAC’s, all Android phones, will play through your phone’s bluetooth or headphone jack)

USB Music Card with Jewel Case

USB Music Card with Jewel Case



Replacement For Compact Disc Music

Replacement For Compact Disc Music

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There is Only 1 Manufacturer of the Smart USB Card™ – TVM.Bio®

Our Smart USB Cards are the slimmest and most elegant USB drives in the market.

You can print your logo, artwork, or business info on their large branding areas as well as preload your USB Cards with any promotional content that you need with capacities up to 64GB. Credit card USB drives are our most popular product and many large US companies have already trusted us for their most valued promotions.

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Smart USB Cards™ by TVM.Bio® with built in NFC and RFID

Smart USB Cards™ by TVM.Bio® with built in NFC and RFID

Top 10 Benefits of Using NFC & RFID for Events & Concerts

Chances are you’ve heard the buzz about NFC and RFID for events and/or concerts. The wireless event tech has become standard at the country’s top music festivals, with fans proudly wearing their NFC and RFID USB Card Badge year-round like a badge of honor.  Video Viral Inc. has patent pending technology for the only USB Card with built in NFC and/or RFID technology.

But NFC and RFID (which stands for Near Field Communication and Radio Frequency Identification) isn’t just for the huge music festivals anymore. From cashless food and drink festivals to races using NFC and RFID USB Card Badges, the tech can be used by all types of events and/or concerts to delight attendees with shorter lines and interactive experiences.

The benefits of NFC and RFID for events and/or concerts go far and wide for organizers and their attendees alike.  READ MORE BY CLICKING HERE

The only USB Card with NFC and/or NFC technology built into it!

Wearable Technology for Trade Shows – Smart Badge™

The patent pending TVM.Bio® Smart Badge™ will advance your trade show, conference, or event light years from where you are at.

  • Added Security. Stop counterfeit badges and badge “swapping”.
  • Quicker Registration. Speed up registration using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.
  • Lower Cost. Printed badges, brochures, and pamphlets are no longer necessary.
  • Environmentally Friendly. Save thousands of trees and stop polluting by going paperless.
  • Increase Profit Margins. Gain sponsors and advertisers by allowing them to embed videos or marketing material directly on to the TVM.Bio® Smart Card.
  • Exhibitor Friendly. Exhibitors can be given permission to view certain fields of an attendee’s registration and then allowed to add notes for their booth visitors, increase Return Of Investment for exhibitors.
  • No Expensive Equipment To Rent. Exhibitors can gain access to attendee’s profile by using their own Android phone, tablet, or Apple device with NFC adapter.

Learn More About The Smart Badge Hardware

Learn More About Software By Clicking Here

Wearable Technology Smart Badge for trade show, conference, exhibition, music concert, or live event by TVM.Bio®

Smart Badge Registration for trade show by TradeShowRegistrationPlus™ and TVM.Bio®


One part of our mission is that we achieve the synergy from other strategic music partners to generate a change as big as necessary to transform the Music Marketing Industry.

Here are some partners who share our vision:

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