Everything Stacks Up With TradeShowRegistrationPlus™

Everything Stacks Up With TradeShowRegistrationPlus™

TradeShowRegistrationPlus™ is the only provider of wearable technology for trade shows and events with an easy to use all-inclusive trade show registration software.

Our patent pending TVM.Bio® Smart Badge and Trade Show Registration Software is guaranteed to increase attendees, exhibitor registrations, and trade show management revenue.

TradeShowRegistrationPlus™ is using the most advanced technology available today called NFC (Near Field Communication) in our wearable technology smart badges to speed up registration, store digital pamphlets and brochures, cut overhead costs, and be environmentally friendly.

For the first time ever, trade show management and exhibitors will be able to view, capture, and add sales notes to attendees’ profiles that visit their booth all in LIVE TIME!!!

Tools and Services for Trade Show Registration by TradeShowRegistrationPlus™

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Trade Show Wearable Technology by TVM.Bio®

Tools For Trade Shows, Conferences, Event Planning & Management

TradeShowRegistrationPlus™ proudly offers the most comprehensive set of event management tools possible, ensuring your success and the satisfaction of your attendees and exhibitors or vendors.

Customize TradeShowRegistrationPlus™ to perfectly suit your event. Our experienced Event Managers and Coordinators can guide you through the process, making sure that you have everything you need.

Wearable Technology
The patent pending TVM.Bio® Smart Card will advance your trade show, conference, or event light years from where you are at.  

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Registration System

Registration Systems

Your trade show, conference, or event planning begins months or even a year in advance. Our Event Managers work closely with you create an event management program that carefully regards your most critical and fundamental components.

TradeShowRegistrationPlus™ Online Advanced Registration Software is designed for customization to completely meet your specific needs – from Early Registration to Credit Card Processing.

Trade Show Registration Software by TradeShowRegistrationPlus™

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